Naoki Fujihara from Japan

The artist who was selected as the third winner of 2018 by the international jury committee

Naoki Fujihara is an award-winning fine art photographer in Japan. He became a photographer in 2016. His works aim at not only expressing the beauty and dynamism of architectures, but he also expresses his values or his visions with photography

This building is called Shimane Art Museum, located in western side of Japan. I have been attracted to its architectural beauty for many years.
I took this photography with a vision. The vision is continuity of modern and ancient times.
The modern times are the beautiful, dynamic and continuous curves of the architecture. And the ancient times are the moving clouds. The area of this museum used to be called “Izumo” in Japanese. “Izumo” means clouds. So, clouds are deeply connected with the area.
This is the vision and what I want to express in this photography

His photographs were awarded some international photography competitions as follows:
2018, PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris – Gold(Advertising/Architecture)
2018, MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards – Gold and Silver(Architecture)
2018, One Eyeland World’s TOP 10 Black & White Photographers – JAPAN Rank #3
2018, FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards – Honorable Mention(Architecture)
2017, One Eyeland Awards – Finalist(Architecture)
2017, TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards – Honorable Mention(Architecture)
2017, Monochrome Awards – Honorable Mention(Architecture)
2017, IPOTY International Photographer of The Year – Honorable Mention(Architecture)

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