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413 Photographers from around the World will be exhibited
This year artists from 68 countries will be hosted at the festival


Chania International Photo festival has been created by Blank Wall Gallery. Its aim is to gather more than 500 photographers from around the world each year, turning the town of Chania into an international centre of artistic expression focusing on photography. During the last six years, we managed to make this festival an established international institution. In our effort the Municipality of Chania responded favorably as a co organiser, offering the venues for the festival to be held.



You can take part in one of our 16 Categories


It is a genre many photographers like and are willing to travel all over the world just to depict places that are out of the ordinary.
Some of the most beautiful and impressive places on earth. There are breathtaking photographs taken by both amateur and professional photographers, of places totally untouched by the human hand and others where the human element exists in harmony with nature.
All kinds of landscapes are welcome to take part in the contest.


Monochrome photography has always been a beloved genre of photography. The existence of only one color functions as an incentive that unlocks feelings and leads viewers to new paths of realization.
Almost everything has been shot in Monochrome, presenting a different aspect of the same subject as Monochrome images are not direct renditions of their subjects, but are abstractions from reality. Black and white photography as well as sepia and brown hued images are welcome to be submitted.

Street Photography

Urban environment is the perfect set for Street Photography.
People moving around the city are the subjects of the photographers. Most of the photographs are candid and spontaneous. No one cares if the image is sharp or blurred, colored or black and white. Everything that matters is the atmosphere of the city and the depiction of everyday life.


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Submissions for 2024 are closed
Submissions for 2025 will open soon


Cip festival will be held in the old town of Chania
which is visited by thousands of people every summer

The festival will take place at the Center of the Mediterranean Architecture (CAM) in a building dating back from 1595. The building is known as the Grand Arsenali and was the biggest shipyard located in the Venetian port of Chania. During its lifetime it has hosted many Public Services of the Town of Chania. In 1997 started its renovation, which turned the building into one of the most important cultural centers in Crete. Some of the biggest events, which take place in Chania, are hosted in its premises. It is easily accessible and visited by thousands of people daily.
During the years of its presence the Festival has also used the Hamam on Katre Street and the Mikis Theodorakis Theatre, at the Old Harbor of Chania.




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Opening Hours

18:00 – 23:00














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